The Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc. (FDPA)
visitors watch a reptile show boy taking a close look at an owl during nature program a vulture with wings outspread during a nature program

Providing educational opportunities for the community is the primary objective of the Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc.  By supporting the park staff and with the help of volunteers, the FDPA funds programs, events and exhibits that expand knowledge and understanding of the natural history revealed at Dinosaur State Park.

Who are the Friends?

The Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc (FDPA) was established in 1976 to act as an advocate for protection and preservation of the trackway at Dinosaur State Park. The organization was Incorporated in 1987. The FDPA operates as a private, non-profit organization, 501(c)(3),  governed by a board of directors. It is devoted to promoting a greater knowledge of the region's paleontology and natural history.

Our Board of Directors oversees the operation of the Friends' Bookshop, allocates funds for special projects,  provides assistance to the staff and advocates the benefits of the park to the public, educators, the state legislature and the community.   Because of our donors, memberships and all profits from the Friends' Bookshop, the FDPA is able to provide funding for special exhibits and programs.

FDPA Membership

When you join the FDPA, you help us fund events and projects at Dinosaur State Park. In return, you receive:

Your generous donation directly supports and promotes educational programs and opportunities at Dinosaur State Park. Click here for additional information about supporting the FDPA.

To contact the FDPA, call 860-257-7601 or email the Friends of Dinosaur Park and Arboretum, Inc